Big Bear Snow ROMP Weekend, February 25-27, 2018 provides an opportunity to meet new guys and enjoy the natural beauty of Big Bear with a full line-up of special events.

On tap is a weekend of social activities including “glow” bowling, snow tubing, “après ski” socials, group dinners and more designed to create a memorable adventure.

The official host hotel is The Wolf Creek Resort at 41421 Big Bear Boulevard, Big Bear Lake. Located a half mile from Snow Summit, this resort offers a variety of room options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is this thing happening?

A: Friday, February 25 – Sunday, February 27, 2018.  See full schedule.

Q: I see there are 2 Après ski events.  What’s an Après ski?

A: It’s a fancy french term for an afternoon happy hour / mixer.  “Après” in french means after, so it really means “after ski.” It’s a great opportunity to mingle with a variety of guys from all over SoCal even if you’re not a skier or boarder.  Think flannel meets cocktails.

Q: Are lift passes included?

A: Lift passes aren’t included with your weekend pass but you can get a group discount. Learn more

Q: How do I get to Big Bear?

A: For your convenience we’ve included simple directions at the bottom of the Ride & Stay page.

Q) Is this Big Bear Snow ROMP related to the Big Bear ROMP each August?

A: It sure is! The August event was such a huge success, and we had so many requests for another event it made sense to throw a party in February, too.

The goal of Big Bear ROMP is to keep the party going twice a year by putting on a fun event that will bring hundreds of men back each year for mischief and more in the great outdoors.

Your hosts have a personal interest in Big Bear and have put in time and effort to create a fun, memorable event in a beautiful mountain setting.  Beyond having a great time, Big Bear ROMP is about giving back to the Big Bear community, and a portion of the pass sales will support a local wildlife rescue organization.

Q: How do I find Event Check-in and the events once I get there?

A: Event check-in will be at The Wine Room at Wolf Creek Resort on Friday from 3pm-7pm. We’ll have a list of locations and addresses for each event, and you can also see them on the PLAY page.

Q: Where’s more info on events?

A: See the PLAY page. Events/Venues are subject to change without notice.

Q: What is the weather like?

A: Big Bear sees 300+ days of sunshine each year, usually with little or no clouds.  You’ll also be just above 5,000 feet where the sun is much stronger than back in Kansas.  Be sure to bring hats and sunscreen – and be sure to use them!  Also, due to the elevation, 1 drink = 2.  Fun, huh?  That means you’ll get beer goggles much faster than usual, hon.  During the weekend, and before and after events where you’re consuming alcohol, be sure to drink plenty of water.  It’s easy to get dehydrated, and that’s the most common way to miss out on the ROMPing around.  ; )

Q: Who should attend?

A: Everyone!  While many guys are part of the skiing/boarding community, we encourage all types of guys who have a sense of adventure to join in the fun.  You definitely don’t have to be into skiing or boarding to have a great time – there’s lots of activities and it’s a chance to meet hunky guys from all over SoCal. We’re all about inclusion and encouraging a wide range of people to explore what Big Bear has to offer.

Q: Do I need a ROMP Weekend Pass to attend?

A: It is recommended, but not required. Purchasing a Winter ROMP Weekend Pass ensures access to all official events – but you’re also able to wait until day-of to purchase event-specific tickets if they’re still available.

Q: Where should I park?

A: There is ample parking at the host hotel and throughout Big Bear Village, including at the off-site venues. For trips to Snow Summit/Bear Mountain, we strongly encourage you to carpool and take advantage of the free nearby parking shuttles. Additionally, limited shuttle service is available during peak times throughout the weekend to key venues.

Q: I’m interested in Romp ‘n Teering – How do I?

A: Thank you for your interest in volunteering!  We can’t put on a world-class event without world-class help.  After a lengthy interview process and physical fitness test we’ll assess your social skills and volunteering aptitude.  Just kidding.  Learn more.

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