Hey YOU! Be a part of the Snow ROMP crew!

We need your help! Big Bear ROMP-n-teers are the glue that holds our event together.  Without you, the event can’t be a success.

Please read through the detail below so you’re clear on what’s expected of you before you ask to sign up. In exchange for your time, dedication and hard work we’ll provide you with a weekend pass, providing admission to all events.

Big Bear ROMP-n-teers are asked to sign an agreement prior to the event that they agree to work a minimum of two (2) shifts, averaging around 4 hours.

ROMP-n-teers will receive a t-shirt and beverages during event shifts.

ROMP-n-teer Policies

ROMP-n-teers are asked to commit to a minimum of two (2) shifts that average around 4 hours each.

First thing to do when you arrive for the weekend is check in with the ROMP-n-teer Team Lead.  He’ll provide you a quick overview to your events and duties. If any issues or questions come up during your shift, your Lead can sort it out. A list of Team Leads will be available when you check in.

On-Time is Late; Early is On Time
Plan to arrive for your shift at least 30 minutes before the actual start time.  There are no backups – you’re it.  If you are going to be late or are unable to report for your shift, contact your Lead as soon as possible.

Be flexible
You may be asked to help out with stuff you weren’t originally asked to do…while unlikely it could happen!  Please remember to be open to it, and know we can’t pull this event off without you!  Your generosity of time is greatly appreciated, as is your ever-present smile and will-do attitude.

Remember you’re an extension of the hosts – your conduct should always be professional and appropriate when in public (what you do in private is your biz).  You’ll be wearing a ROMP t-shirt, and any action will be a reflection of the organization.  Please don’t do anything that would embarrass yourself, your family, or us.

Giving away any item of material value (tickets, passes, food, beverages, merchandise or other) is considered a form of theft and will be treated as such.

The NO List
During your shift, there is to be:
NO Drug use
NO Smoking
NO Alcohol use

Additionally, remember that the Big Bear ROMP event has a zero-tolerance policy on recreational drug use throughout the weekend.

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